Euro Organ Artist

The Euro Organ Artist pack recreates the sound of Wersi Helios organ, and the style of its most famous player.


The pack features over 50 voices sampled from a 1974 Helios and 12 styles, which reproduce the famous 'Organ Pops' sound of the seventies.


There are 48 'One Touch Settings', which automatically setup Tyros4 or Tyros5 with a suitable registration for each style variation.


In addition there are 10 banks of multi pads and 2 banks of registration memories, as well as audition demos for each voice, and 12 demo songs showing all of the styles in use.


To complement the analogue warmth of the Helios, there are samples of a Hammond Auto Vari 64 rhythm unit, which are used in some of the styles.


For all fans of the famous German 'Organ Pops' recordings!


Available For:





Tyros5, Tyros4


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